Travel MVNO Market

Increasing globalization has meant that people are travelling more frequently.  Whether it be business or pleasure the need to be in touch and connected is essential for the lifestyles we lead, be it calls, text or data to surf no matter where in the world we are. Cloud9, as a travel MVNO are exclusively focussed on supplying mobile service to people with international links. Mobile service has been supplied in the form of traditional removable SIM cards, but the travel MVNO market is set to explode as people are able to purchase their mobile service online using programmable SIM cards, SoftSIMs or eSIMs. These remove the difficult job of travel companies having to distribute and support the insertion of pieces of plastic and dramatically increase the market opportunity.

  • 200 Million + people use roaming services Annually Globally
  • Roaming “Revenues “ to account for 6.3% ($90 billion annually) of all mobile revenue by 2018

It is well documented in the media the cost of using a mobile whilst abroad and even with continuous pressure from Governments and consumer groups, these issues and needs of the consumer have not been really addressed by the traditional mobile network Operators in their country of residence.

The travel market and associated industries (Hotels, Insurance, Car Rental, etc) has become very saturated and highly competitive and to maintain loyalty, organisations are having to introduce additional services such as loyalty programmes to retain existing and gather new customers. In recent times it seems that consumers seem to shop on price and convenience. With consumer habits changing to buying on line, comparison sites, affiliate websites, products being launched directly in to the market place by airlines, general insurers, high street banks, holiday companies and the even super markets , the market place is becoming even more competitive.

Competition and decreasing margins have seen revenues falling in recent years and there is a need to look at ancillary products that will help increase the revenue streams and impact on the bottom line of your business.

By using Cloud9’s global mobile service, we believe we can help by:

  • Increasing your offering / product range (something that clients will want and use)
  • Providing you a source of additional revenue and profitability
  • Build customer loyalty by providing a platform to market to
  • Build brand awareness

Use your Sales and Marketing Expertise to Reach out to your previous, existing and target markets

To give you an example, it is estimated there are over 500 million people travelling in and out of the EU annually. This is a huge opportunity to market a global mobile service to the travelling population as well as the domestic population who need to make lots of international calls.

The last few years have seen the rise of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) addressing specific groups but the cost of entry, high monthly fees’, complex systems and lack of understanding have been a barrier to entry for many brands and businesses outside of the IT and Telecoms arena. In order to better address the mobile communication needs, of the global travelling population we have developed a one stop shop allowing you to utilize your card brand and go mobile.

Cloud9 offer branded mobile services to their white label partners . Not only do we offer expert advice and consulting services for organisations such as yourself wanting to offer mobile services, but through our technical expertise, we are able to offer many value added services, these include 3rd party international call termination, multi-offer management, multi-language management, caller ring-back tones, USSD call-back, and money transfer services. With more and more people using mobile data we are focused on obtaining the best possible rates across the globe.