Company Introduction

Cloud9 is based in London and is one of the world’s leading global roaming and mobile service providers to the travel and IoT sectors worldwide. We have for several years offered our own global SIM cards and a complete infrastructure to support customers, anywhere in the world. It is possible for our clients to operate their own GSM service in a matter of a few weeks.

We have extensive global coverage (in more than 220 countries), and agreements with over 560 operators worldwide.

Being an MNO, rather than a reseller puts us at the head of the supply chain. It allows customers and partners to benefit from the very best commercial rates and support. We are the only MNO in the European Union specialising in global SIM cards and profiles.


More recently the company has started selling the basic digital signatures that form the heart of SIM cards ( IMSIs or Profiles ). The mobile world is undergoing a game-changing revolution. Just as music, movies and books are now purchased on the Internet, the days of plastic SIM cards are numbered and people will buy their mobile subscription online . This involves downloading the core digital signature that is inside the plastic SIM – the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)  over the air. No longer will it be necessary to visit a store to buy a piece of plastic. Already Cloud9 are supplying IMSIs to customers who are shipping programmable SIMs and to handset manufacturers that have built-in SoftSIMs. Recent initiatives from the GSMA promoting embedded SIMs (eSIMs) are driving this forward. A standard has already been set for smart watches, fitness bands, tablets and IoT devices which will be enhanced to include mobile handsets shortly.

The company is additionally supplying Profiles to service providers who manage devices connected to the Internet of Things. There is a massive drive here also to use eSIMs that can be remotely provisioned with a mobile service.

Cloud9 are at the centre of this standardisation by being members of the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning Task Force. 

Headquartered in the UK, we have POP’s in data centres around the world in order to minimise latency and increase scalability.  All of our data centres are fully secure, provide redundancy and have power generator back-up facilities. Our UK based equipment is stored in Telehouse near Canary Wharf with 24x7 support 365 days per year in the event of any emergency. Other components are housed in the Amazon Web Services cloud-based facilities. We can provide Service Level Agreements for both of these data centres on request.