More and more of our partners want to either make their own SIM cards or download the basic core ingredients of SIMs ( IMSIs ) to some form of programmable SIM or embedded SIM ( eSIM ).

Cloud9 are the only company that has a wide portfolio of IMSIs and can provide IMSI/KI pairs for this purpose. IMSIs can be loaded on the Cloud9 HLR or on our partner's HLR.

Some of our IMSIs are ideal for 'bootstrap' IMSIs as they have universal coverage while others are more suitable as 'local' IMSIs by offering very good pricing.

Cloud9 have a Remote Provisioning platform that can be used by our partners to download IMSIs OTA to various devices.

eSIMs are fast becoming the norm for M2M applications and will also become the de facto standard for remote provisioning of mobile subscriptions on consumer devices. Cloud9 are part of the GSMA Task Force involved in defining a new standard for this. 

E-SIM for consumers. A game changer in telecommunications?McKinsey and Company