Cloud9 are a Mobile Operator providing Profiles and Subscription Management of consumer and M2M devices that incorporate eSIMs

Roaming SIMs ( Travel SIMs )

Cloud9’s Multi IMSI SIM cards give access to over 500 network Operators globally and allow us to build bespoke services coupled with very low wholesale termination and exceptional data rates. Making it easy for Travel companies, operators and MVNOs to build incremental revenue and expand their service offering

  • Save up to 90% on typical roaming charges
  • Fantastic global data rates 
  • Full white label customization
  • Greater brand awareness
  • High margins easily achievable
  • Channel to overlay new services
  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Enhanced customer loyalty (reduced churn)
  • Quick and easy set up

IMSIs ( for programmable SIMs, SoftSIMs and eSIMs )

Cloud9 offer an alternative to conventional removable SIM cards. We can supply the digital signatures ( IMSIs) that make a SIM card register with the network and function. These can be downloaded over the air to devices that support Remote SIM Provisioning. Cloud9 can also provide a remote SIM provisioning platform.

  • No need for the subscriber to change their SIM card
  • Far lower distribution costs
  • Less support issues
  • A portfolio of IMSIs to provide the largest coverage and lowest costs worldwide
  • Good for programmable SIM cards, devices with SoftSIMs, devices with eSIMs 

Core Network components and Remote SIM Provisioning platform ( GSMA SM-DP+ )

Through their acquisition of core network vendor, Zynetix, Cloud9 are able to offer low cost high performance core network components. Can be supplied either as a hosted service, executable code or as a full perpetual royalty-free source code license. Because all IPR is owned by Cloud9 it is relatively easy to implement enhancements.

  • Supports both 3G and 4G
  • Full Multi-IMSI support
  • Multi MSISDN support
  • Prepaid OCS
  • Code in C++ running on Linux
  • RSP compliant with GSMA SM-DP+