Cloud9 are a member of the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning ( RSP ) Task Force.

They have produced a standardised secure Local Profile Assistant and RSP platform ( SM-DP+ ) so that eSIMs from one SIM card manufacturer can be programmed by any certified platform provider. The advantage of this is that it allows a device manufacturer to change their mobile service provider without having to visit the sites into which the devices are installed.

There is still some confusion as to which version of the standard should be used and it is difficult to obtain a compatible eSIM/Profile/RSP platform. Thenewer version of the GSMA standard ( as defined by technical specification SGP22 ) can be used for M2M as well as consumer applications and the Cloud9 product complies with this specification. Cloud9 do not support older versions of the GSMA standard.

Support for SGP22 in M2M applications is simplified by Cloud9 supplying eSIMs with an on-board LPA.

So in order to provide a guaranteed working eSIM solution, Cloud9 can supply all of the pieces of the jigsaw as a turnkey solution i.e. the eSIMs, the Profiles and the SM-DP+ platform.

Once again a Provisioning Profile has full world-wide coverage while the operational profiles offer very low data pricing in most countries.