Core network

Through our acquisition of the Zynetix product range, Cloud9 are able to supply all core network components required by a Full MVNO.

These include HLR/HSS, SMSC, GGSN, GMSC and OCS.

LTE is supported as well as GSM and the core network is optimised for Multi IMSI support.

Because we own the IPR of the core network we are able to make custom modifications to it in order to support innovative functionality required for specific applications

Remote SIM Provisioning platform ( SM-DP+ compliant )

Cloud9 will shortly be able to provide a Remote SIM Provisioning platform compliant with the Subscription Manager/Data Preparation ( SM-DP+ ) standard defined by the GSMA.

This allows Operator profiles to be downloaded to a device equipped with an eSIM.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.