Branded Opportunity - The Cloud9 Solution

This Global opportunity has no limitations and can be operated from anywhere in the world. In order to allow new entrants to join the market from any background, Cloud9 have developed a simple and effective solution that can be implemented and operated without the need for extensive resources and previous telecoms experience. As well as appealing to Global MVNOs, Travel Brands now have the opportunity to expand their services into the highly profitable mobile market

Live within weeks!

Integration with Cloud9 can be completed within a matter of weeks, connecting your customers to over 560 networks in 200+ countries in one step.

How does it work?

The service is provided as a White Label Product. By this we mean the SIM cards will carry your Brand and more importantly the subscribers that are brought on to the service are owned and managed by you.

You are able to set the terms and conditions under which the service is provided. You are in full control of the retail rates that are charged to the subscribers for voice calls, data sessions and SMS messaging, thus determining your own margins.

Prepayments (customer top ups) are paid directly to you, meaning positive cash flow and breakage (unused credit).

You are free to market in any territory, using your own branding which can be carried through to displaying the company name on the handset itself at all times.

Getting Going

Cloud9 make the job of launching a white label GSM service hassle-free. We will provide you the most competitive voice, data and SMS rates for true instant worldwide coverage. This allows you to set your own tariffs and be in full control of your margins. Our service is prepaid meaning that you genuinely only pay for what is used. After the initial start-up fee which includes all you need to launch, there are zero ongoing monthly commitments and you can be live within weeks.

Integrating your billing systems

For companies that have their own billing system our technical team have made integration with them easy through the use of web based API’s. These allow you to take full control of the system, or just use different options from the varied selection of API’s to build your unique service offering.

What sort of additional revenue can be made?

Working Example:

  • New Entrant with initial purchase of pilot of 10,000 SIM Cards + Air Time Deposit
  • Subscriber Activations @ 30%
  • Average Revenue Per User:  £10.00 per active subscriber
  • Margin 50%  (Set by you)
  • Total Revenue = £30,000 per month
  • Total Gross Margin = £15,000 per month

Cloud9 are in a unique position to offer a quick and affordable fully branded GSM roaming service